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    With the increasing development of the social economy and the improvement of the people’s living standards, the awareness and requirements of environmental protection are becoming higher and higher, and environmental protection has become an obligation for everyone. As an enterprise, how to find a balance between environmental protection input and economic interests is the biggest challenge. At present, esterified water in domestic chemical fiber production enterprises has many problems such as strong flavor, high COD value, difficult treatment and high treatment cost. For example, with the traditional treatment (first diluted and then anaerobic treatment), the amount of treatment will be greatly increased and the cost of treatment increases sharply. In addition, the amount of organic matter in the diluted wastewater is not constant. It is also difficult to deal with the standard. The waste water stripping treatment unit of our company directly reduces the total amount of organic matter in the wastewater by directly extracting and esterifying the organic matter in the water, and directly decreases the COD. In addition, organic matter extracted from wastewater can be used as fuel for the two time. It has the advantages of good treatment effect, low energy consumption, small land occupation and “turning waste into treasure”. The device has been used in many chemical fiber production enterprises in China, and has achieved remarkable results, saving a lot of processing costs for enterprises every year.

    Working principle of the stripper

    Through direct contact with water vapor, the volatile substances in the wastewater are diffused in a certain proportion to the gas phase, so as to achieve the purpose of separating pollutants from the waste water.

    Determination of the type of the stripper

    Because the maximum treatment capacity of polyester wastewater is 2.0t/h, we can use the stripper produced by our company.

    Energy consumption of stripping unit

    1. 3-6KG grade (over) saturated steam (steam pressure needs to be stabilized) and consumption is 250kg/h (deviation less than 100).
      Kg/h); 4KG class instrument air for pneumatic valve control.
    2. pressure 3KG nitrogen.
    3. Power consumption is about 8KW/h.
    4. Quantity will be small and the meter power consumption is negligible.

    Base of the stripping unit and the floor areaA set of stripper system area (system area) is 11X6M2, the soil can not be sand or loosen soil.

    After processing CODcr value

    The source of polyester wastewater treated by stripper tower meets the following requirements:
    1. pure esterified water;
    2. the content of EG in polyester wastewater and the total content of boiling point above 100 degrees < 0.3%;
    After being treated by stripper, the COD can reach about 5000mg/L-8000mg/L (the actual results are based on actual results).

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