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    Continuous polyester technology


    Continuous polyester plant

    Five autoclave continuous polymerization, of which the minimum production capacity of the single line is 30 tons / day, the maximum capacity is 1500 tons / day, the production process has five kettle and four kettle two kinds, including O Yumitsu, semi extinction, full extinction, cationic dyeable (CDP, ECDP), membrane grade, bottle grade, low melting point, water solubility, flame retardant and so on.

    Continuous polyester technology features:

    1. Stable and advanced technology

    Higher esterification rate and less side reaction

    EG adopts online recycling technology and low consumption.

    The condensation vacuum system is not clogged and the production is stable

    Sharing the steam and liquid phase heat medium and complementing the advantages

    2. High efficiency and reliable main equipment

    The process tower adopts guided valve tower, which has high separation efficiency and low energy consumption.

    Vertical precondensation reactor with low energy consumption and good uniformity

    The unique cage type polycondensation agitator has large film-forming area and high efficiency.

    All key mobile devices are selected by international first-class brands to ensure long-term and stable operation.

    3. Energy saving and reducing consumption

    We use the top steam of esterification tower for heating or cooling, providing heat or cooling capacity for spinning and office.

    The unique design of circulating water has greatly reduced the power consumption of utility projects.

    The waste water of esterified wastewater is stripped to the boiler by stripping and tail gas, which is both environmental protection and energy saving.

    By optimizing the design of the device, the four pot process, the energy consumption of the two pot process, the real high quality and low energy consumption are achieved.

    4. Full automation control

    Decentralized control system (DCS)

    Interface between DCS system and enterprise LAN (LAN)

    Special equipment or unit is directly controlled by field control panel.

    The field instruments are mainly flameproof, and safety barrier is adopted.

    Main instruments are selected by international first-class brands with high stability and reliability.

    Standard telecommunication number (DC4-20mA)

    Reverse control of each reactor position, good stability

    The feed-forward control is adopted between the final product and slurry injection to reduce lag.

    Melt viscosity control in time and effectively

    The process parameters are self-tuning, and the stability of the system is good.

    Four reactor flow

    Four kettle polymerization technology is the most popular and most advanced continuous polyester production technology. It is between three kettle and five kettle polymerization process. It is improved on the basis of five kettle polymerization process. It has retained the process characteristics of low temperature and low mole ratio of five kettle, shortened the process flow, cost of investment and production consumption. Lower. Our four kettle polymerization technology includes a number of patent technology and special technology, such as the unique squirrel cage agitation, vertical precondensation kettle, steam liquid heat medium sharing and so on. In 2003, we successfully introduced a special four kettle continuous polyester technology suitable for large batch production of differential polyester. The quality index was improved obviously compared with the batch process, and the direct spinning of the differential modified polyester fiber could be realized, which greatly reduced the production cost. Taking the lead in creating the “differentiated continuous polyester era” in the world, it has opened the way for many customers to enter the market segmentation field.

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